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Shandong Jeerun New Material Co., Ltd.


ADD:The Zaogoutou Industrial Park, Lanshan District,

           Linyi City, Shandong Province




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Leader's Speech

  Jia Ruijun, Chairman of Shandong Jiarun New Material Co., Ltd., member of Lanshan District Political Consultative Conference, and captain of 2012-2013 of “China Lions Club” Yimeng Service Team. Won the "2010 Outstanding CPPCC Committee Member", Zaogoutou Town's first "Top Ten Young Entrepreneurs", 2012 "Zaogoutou Town" "Advanced Workers", 2012-2013 China Lions Club Qingdao Member Management Committee "Excellent Service Team "Captain" and other honorary titles. Since the company’s founding, Chairman Jia Ruijun has always pursued the advanced management philosophy of “pioneering and innovative, forge ahead, D&N’s diligence, and talented people; people-oriented, building a harmonious relationship; achieving customers and self-development”. Under his leadership, the company has Gradually become the leader in the industry. While doing a good job at the company, Chairman Jia Ruijun is also keen on public welfare, has been committed to a variety of charity and charity activities, out of heart, money, effort, attendance, personally to participate in various charitable services, pass positive energy, in order to build a more beautiful and harmonious The society is dedicated to love and strength.
  Shandong Jiarun New Material Co., Ltd. has been in business for more than 10 years. It can be described as 10 years of business, 10 years of wind and rain, and 10 years of harvest. From the early days of entrepreneurship to the flourishing development of the present, we have walked through a period of hard work and sweat. We are grateful to the community for their great support and selfless love for Jiarun, and we are grateful to the dedicated employees who have worked hard in every position!
  Only one person can achieve self-achievement with self-confidence and hard work, even more so for a company. Shang Hailu, thousands of boats competing. Confidence allows us to have more confidence in the environment where competition and development coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist, and we strive to learn to be down-to-earth and relentless. With these two points, the enterprise has taken the root of development. It enables everyone in the company to shine with humanity and wisdom in their lives and work, so that our partners will face the future with confidence as much as we do. This is our wealth, our value, and our motivation and belief in providing every customer with quality products. Excellent thinking stems from excellent culture, and people-oriented is the essence of Jiarun's corporate culture. Creating a system of fair competition and competition is the core of supporting the development of enterprises.
  We are willing to provide superior aspirational youth with a superior working environment and a stage for fully displaying their talents, so that both people with ability and integrity can realize the value of life and jointly promote the greater development of Jiarun. We must be practical and serious, treat people with tolerance and sincerity, pursue deep and profound development, and never stop developing. This is the basic principle for Jiarun people to behave and do things, and it is also the motto for the continuous development of Jiarun. Due to the sincerity and the openness of Jinshi, we will continue our efforts to continuously pursue first-rate quality and service, and create a win-win atmosphere with passion, openness, sincere cooperation and pioneering spirit. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to Boshen for common development and mutual brilliance.