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Shandong Jeerun New Material Co., Ltd.


ADD:The Zaogoutou Industrial Park, Lanshan District,

           Linyi City, Shandong Province




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Company Culture

  Company mission: champion quality, best protection, enterprise development, employee happiness!
  Core values: gratitude respect, share growth, professional focus, integrity and win-win!
  Work standards: earnest first, smart second; determination first, success or failure second; result first, second reason; quality first, safety first!
  Pioneering and innovative, forge ahead
  Innovation means that enterprises must always maintain the vitality of innovation. Innovation is the eternal theme of business development. Only if the company maintains the vitality of innovation, the company will maintain healthy and sustainable development. Therefore, Jiarun Company will regularly organize employees to conduct learning activities. Workshop employees will pass training to deepen technical learning and improve the level of operation. Staff of all departments will use lectures and exchange meetings to learn work ideas and methods and enhance their work ability. "Quality is the lifeblood of the survival and development of companies and employees." This is Jiarun's quality concept.