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Founded in 2003, Shandong Jeerun New Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in PE protective film,

polymer film R&D, and self-adhesive film production and sales. Currently, it has 16 blown film production lines, 9 printing

production lines, and 9 articles....


We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in PE protective film, polymer film research and development, self-adhesive film production and sales.


The products are mainly used in aluminum-plastic plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum profiles, plastic plates, marbles and other products that require surface protection.

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    Protective film for aluminium ceilings

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    Protective film for aluminium profiles

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    Protection Film for PVC profiles

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    Wood protective film

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    Protection Film for Aluminium Composite Panel

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    Protection film for ACP

Short Cycle

Realize 5-10 days

rapid shipment
Delivery time is stable


We can provide you with four services

Access to the world

Self-operated trucks and

global cooperation
Logistics access to the world

Quality Assurance


Products passed SGS

certification, RoHS test
No residue, no rubber



Customized according to

customer's needs
Suitable PE protective film


Integrity is the soul of our team. If we promise to the customer, we will do it all and create a high-performance, high-quality, environmentally-friendly protective film.

No matter what kind of industry, protective film can play his role
  The development trend of the protective film industry in the future is very good. The top priority for PE protective film companies is to develop the market and protective film is mainly used for c
Why does the protective film do corona treatment
  Why do I need to do corona treatment? The purpose of the corona treatment is to change the surface energy of the protective film, making it easy to bond with printing inks, coating materials and adh
Protection film's own characteristics and types of distinction
  The protective film is divided according to its use, and can be effectively divided into different types. Now the protective film has become a generic name for screen protection, and the field of us
What are the conditions for a good quality protective film?
  Nowadays, the market for protective film is becoming more and more fierce. There are a lot of manufacturers who only pay attention to the price of protective film. It is easy to overlook the quality


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